Imua Guitar Hanger using Hawaiian Koa ONE-OF-A-KIND

Imua Guitar Hanger using Hawaiian Koa ONE-OF-A-KIND


Unique, every one is different, custom-made, Hawaiian Koa salvaged from the upper slopes of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on the Big Island of Hawaii guitar hangers. 

We buy USA Made String Swing hooks and use our Salvaged Big Island Hawaiian koa to make custom ukulele, banjo, guitar, surf paddle, tennis racket, hat, coat, underwear or just about whatever! wall hangers right here in our shop in Honolulu Hawaii.  Each one will be a different look and shape.  We aren't currently putting the each one on the site so for now it will be a bit of a surprise on the exact look, color and feel.   The picture with the 12 pieces in it is our current stock and you will get one of those!

  The pictures are an example of a 5 hanger we made as well as random shots of all our koa in stock we use to make these awesome hangers.  Comes with 2 screws, but feel free to use your own!    Mahalo!

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