Eden Kai(鮎澤悠介)

Singer-songwriter, acoustic guitar & ukulele virtuoso, composer, actor

Website: www.EdenKai.com    

18歳の高校生・ギター & ウクレレの演奏、シンガーソングライター、作曲、俳優。 
1998年日本生まれ、ハワイ州ホノルル在住。三ヶ国語が飛び交う環境で育ち: 日本語、英語、中国語が堪能。 3歳頃からリトミッククラス、5歳から劇団に入り、演技やダンスを習い、子役でTV番組、CM等に出演。 8歳頃からESPミュージカルアカデミー(東京) に入り、ダンス、ボーカル、ステージ・パフォーマンス等を習い初め、11歳頃 初めてのオリジナル曲「世界の友達」 をチヤリテイ・ソングとしてデビュー。 13歳頃からギターを習い始め、14歳の時(2013年)ハワイの高校に入り、 ウクレレも習い始め、16歳の時 2015年4月ハワイの各高校の代表が出場するタレント・ショー「Brown Bags to Stardom 2015」大会で優勝。 界の著名アーティストであるブルーノ・マースさん、ジェイク島袋さんや伊藤由奈さんなどが受賞してきた有名なタレント発掘ショーの2015年チャンピオンを16歳で受賞。同年 ギター・ソロ・デビュー・アルバム “Touch the Sky”をリリース。 “Touch the Sky”は、39th Na Hoku Hanohano Awards 2016 の「 Instrumental Album of the Year」の最終選考の作品となった。 “Touch the Sky”は、第2回 2016 ハワイ・ミュージック・アワード・ジャパン の「2016日本ハワイアン・アルバム特別賞」2016 Hawaii Music Awards Japan — Special Recognition Award。2016年12月 ウクレレ・ギター ・ソロ. アルバム “Feel the Earth” をリリース。 テラスハウス アロハステート 初期メンバー出演。


  • Brown Bags to Stardom 2015
  • Album “Touch the Sky” — 2016
  • Hawaii Music Awards Japan – Special Recognition Award


Usaburo David Mendenhall

Usaburo was born in Fukuoka, Japan on September 16th, 2003 and currently attends Kaimuki Middle School in Honolulu, Hawaii. He spent most of his childhood in Fukuoka and is bilingual in both Japanese and English. He is an up and coming ukulele star, gaining recognition at local ukulele events. He placed 2nd in the 2015 Dukes Ukes contest and 3rd at the 2016 International Ukulele competition held in Waikiki. He guest stars with other musicians at local restaurants, festivals, and charity events, and there’s a good chance you can find him on a Saturday night with family and friends, playing ukulele on Kalakaua Ave in Waikiki. Usaburo held solo ukulele performances in December 2015 at both Meade and Fowler nursing homes in rural Kansas. He's been awarded at school for his responsibility, respect, kindness, and patience, and also by his peers as class clown. Other then ukulele, Usaburo likes playing basketball and computer games, and loves spending time with family and friends, entertaining them with his wit and humor.


Kamuela Kahoano

Na Hoku Award Winning Artist

Kamuela Kahoano (born in December 27, 1980) is a singer/songwriter and music producer from Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. He comes from a family of entertainers, and his music has elements of acoustic, folk, indie, and alternative with Hawaiian influences . He performs solo and was formerly the lead singer of the band Analog(ic). He is an accomplished player of both the ukulele and guitar, playing both left-handed; he also plays the djembe. 
Kahoano's debut album, Green Light Go, was released January 2007. His latest, Stream Dreams, was released July 14, 2010.

Award: Kahoano won a Na Hoku award in 2011 for Rock Album of the year.

Ukulele: Kamuela’s acoustic ukulele of choice is the custom, left-handed cutaway manufactured in Honolulu, HI by Imua Ukulele Inc. factory.

th GRL(s) Nancy Luca, Suzanne Graham, Karen Reed

th GRL(s) Nancy Luca, Suzanne Graham, Karen Reed

Karen Reed

Website: www.karenreed.com  

Karen burst onto the LA music scene with a fresh blend of folk-rock and blues performed with a unique guitar/ukulele-inspired flair. Her debut record, “True North,” produced by singer-songwriter and guitarist Janet Robin (Lindsey Buckingham, Meredith Brooks, Air Supply) features 10 original songs as well as an instrumental cover of the Don McLean classic, “Vincent” (“Starry, Starry Night”) on ukulele.

Karen did electric blues jammin' in the IMUA Ukulele at NAMM 2015


Gareth Malone

Gareth Malone is choirmaster who has done shows in the UK where he has taken groups of people with no singing experience up to a standard of public performance.

Radio Times article "Choirmaster turns off talent show -for Game of Thrones"


Michelino Widmer

Michelino Widmer, a Clown & Dr. Schrammel, a ClownDoctor & he plays ukulele and banjolele in his performances in schools & kinder garden, on stages & in the children hospitals of Salzburg city and country. He is a member of the clown orchestra of the ClownDoctors Salzburg and he gives workshops for clowning and music in hospitals for ClinicClowns in Austria and for children and families and everybody who wants to take part. 

If he is in the hospital his small banjolele or his sopranino ukulele come out like medicine of his old leather doctor bag. Often the atmosphere in the room is immediately changing. The uke could give accompaniment to a song or a dance with puppets or objects or just give some musical atmosphere to the story the ClownDoctors are developing and improvising.